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Early Success Story

About Bhakti Bentara Bumi

In the quick transformation  of Indonesia’s hospitality industry and medical and healthcare space, the role of Bhakti Bentara Bumi – commercially known as B3 Consulting is clear, to focus on nurturing and elevating  business efficiency.

B3 Consulting as a subsidiary of JMM Consulting has accumulated a number of success stories as one of the Bali management consulting that started when one of its founders was instrumental in setting up and operating international-standard hospitals in Bali. The consistency in delivering high quality patient care is what provided this early recognition as a trusted official hospital for world leaders and heads of state visiting the holiday island of Bali.

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A Subsidiary of

Our Partners

To develop a business that is dynamic, sustainable, effective and profitable.

Our core of work is to provide clients with comprehensive strategies through consulting services beginning with close analysis of their business. Our experts in hospitality, and Our senior health care service managers, clinicians as well as experienced technical advisors have established B3 Consulting as a top analytical specialist in the ecosystem of hospitality, medical industry and system digitalization to support with more than 20 years experience managing and operating national and international standard hotels, property and hospitals in Indonesia.

Who Needs Our Services?

Our Services

Hospitality and Hospital Management Services


Our strategy aims to compare the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s business with other current and potential competitors to measure the best means that can prevent future issues that may arise within their business.


Our approach in understanding our client’s enterprise includes analyzing your properties or hospital according to its strengths and opportunities as a business and defining the market segmentations and barriers.


Our marketing strategy will assist your properties or hospitals to deliberately permeate within the market which then will explore wider networks and introduce your business to potential partners and third parties services.


We provide feasible analysis with a coherent set-up plan to renovate and rebrand your properties or hospital through agreement contract. This service also assists your business to manage daily operations, finance and e-commerce management, and OTA booking management system to enhance the performance and data-driven for your business.


We assist on budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and controlling the operational, sales marketing and financial, accompanying management in stakeholders and investor meeting.


Our service accompanies our client’s business management to run day-by-day property or hospital operations while implementing SOP and monitor the flow of your business process. Within the healthcare field, we provide medical trainings, medical hospitality, and medical health seminar and hybrid conferences.

Our Unique Value Propositions

Why you Should Choose Us?


We value honesty and trust-based work ethics with property owners and guests while sustaining long-term relationship and collaboration, proficient track record in hospitality, tourism, and hospital field, and management transparency which includes operationals, booking system, and financial management with property owners.


Providing passion-driven professional team expertise in hospital, hospitality, and system development that understands the various international standards required in building and operating both hospitality and medical businesses.


Creating a new pathway of digital-based management and services within the hospitality and medical industry. With collaboration with Indonesian Medical Tourism Board (IMTB), we provide medical advisory for guests or patients and utilize on-site, online, or hybrid event management in collaboration with various hospitals.


Our services implement a digital-based management system. With our booking platform,, we envisioned our digital management system to be personalized and in accordance with tourists’ preferences to accommodate their vacation experience in the Island of Paradise.


We strive to utilize local community support such as social service with orphanage, community homes, and nursing home. Other than community programs, we also reinforce education and training programs of hospitality and health or medical procedure to employees of the related field.




Phone: (+62361) 6209990; +628113988317


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Early Success Story

B3 Consulting has accumulated a number of success stories that started when one of its founders was instrumental in setting up and operating international-standard hospitals in Bali. The consistency in delivering high quality patient care is what provided this early recognition as a trusted official hospital for world leaders and heads of state visiting the holiday island of Bali.

By closely adhering to international practices in operating medical facilities paved the way for the founders to gain such achievements as “The Most Reputable Hospital Brand in 2013 – Private Hospital Category” by the respected business publication, SWA Indonesia.

By then in early 2020…we are witnessing that Pandemic COVID 19 has become a great reset to the world. Yes, it is a devastating moment to the entire citizen of the planet. It forced people to accept, adopt, and change the way they operate. It is a moment where travelling is limited to certain areas in a  very dynamic mode dictated by regulation. Travelers have  to put their concern of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, and security to a certain level within an unknown time of ending.

These are the background that brings Our Partners want to elevate the business core from hospital to the world of hospitality. Clearly we want to bring a perspective of new normal to the way hospitality operates without losing their professionality and hospitality character which has been long well known for.

COVID 19 has also brought  us to the fact that digitalization  in both hospitality  and hospital is a must. This is the part that we do not want to miss in every set up that we build. It should be customized to the business requirement but at the same time ensuring effective and efficient both for customer service and operational, optimal control thus target result. …..Technology to live a life !

Who Needs Our Services?

Investors interested in establishing and operating a successful  business can run into a complex field of understanding. B3 Consulting provides clarity and solutions to help ensure you as an investor are provided with optimal strategies, technologies, methodologies, resources and data to intelligently understand what you are investing in.

Our work with investors is to provide comprehensive market research that might start with location and demographics, specialization and services, design and building specs, determining the appropriate equipment, recruitment and finally management assistance and operational advice.

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